Daily Bible Inspirations

Stories of Godliness

by Sam

But refuse profane and old wives’ fables. Exercise yourself toward godliness.

1 Timothy 4:7

Everyone loves stories. From young babies to old men, everyone likes to hear a good story. Many stories teach life lessons and can give warnings towards wrong behavior. Some stories can teach us to persevere and strive on through hardships to victory and happiness. Others remind us that there are others who are less fortunate than us who need our help.

However, some stories are not good for us. Stories that glorify violence and immorality encourage us to do the same. Stories that are fables meant to help us forget life can cause depression and make it difficult to face reality. Stories that are outrageous and give us unhealthy expectations also cause disappointment when those expectations are not met. These are some of the stories that Paul admonishes Timothy not to listen too.

Instead, focus on stories that talk about virtues, hope, and God. Fill your mind with testimonies of God’s goodness and mercy. Receive joy by reading stories of victory over sin and of the hope of heaven. Let godliness in by focusing on God.

God has the best story for you, the story of your life of victory through Him. Will you let Him write it for you?