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Feel God’s Embrace with Daily Bible Passages and Devotions

Passages are hand-selected by an ordained pastor and delivered to your device daily to deepen your faith and lift you up.

Share His Word

Send moving passages to friends and loved ones easily through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, and email.

Be Reminded of Your Faith

Set alerts to remember to check the daily passage and bring His Word into your everyday life.

Create Your Own Personal Journal

Use the included Journal feature to personalize your spiritual journey. Record new insights, maintain a prayer list, note areas for additional study, explore questions that may arise, or respond to daily prompts.


Coffee and...

Best way to start my day...devoting time for lesson and worship and introspection alongside a hot cup of coffee!

by Amy May B · United States · 2020-11-28
My Strength

I’m so thankful for this app, I read it every morning before starting my day. Some days it’s exactly what I need and gives me strength for my day ahead! God is great and I love Him so much! He is my strength!!

by carclrk · United States · 2020-07-28
Thank you

During these difficult times, we need inspiration and strength from Bible. Thank you for this app, it makes me feel secured each day :)

by DaphJeth · Australia · 2020-07-10
Daily Agenda

This app is great! I love the whole set up from the devotionals to the journals. I’m able to grasp my day and set my intentions with the Word!

by BLMBHM · United States · 2020-06-19

Great start to my day! God’s Blessing🙏 A Blessing Every day !🙏

by Active72 · United States · 2020-10-14

It’s really good for spiritual well-being and growth. The word of the Lord brightens my day ♥️

by Kea Motene · South Africa · 2020-09-24
If you want to grow in your faith this is the way

I was having doubts in my faith and I was having panic attacks and anxiety and my brother showed me this app and I realized my anxiety was a calling from God to grow closer to him.

by chengary05 · United States · 2020-09-20

Perfect for quick morning reflection with coffee. Helps me focus my thoughts on Jesus and what’s actually important.

by meeala · United States · 2019-04-25
Truly inspiring!

This is a fantastic app. Easy to use and inspirational. The journal is a great way to record you walk with God. I highly recommend this app!

by OB1Marine · Australia · 2020-09-05
Words of comfort

I try to read these inspirational verses everyday. Sometimes I read them for the past few days. These bible verses are words of encouragement. I believe the Lord gives us a word, message at the right time for whatever we are going through. Thank you

by Pooh0530 · United States · 2020-09-01
Inspiration and thoughtful

I can usually find some thought to begin a conversation or help someone’s life on a daily basis. It always seems appropriate for someone I meet each day. Blessings

by PainterWatts · United States · 2020-08-18

Light Your Way Every Day

with Daily Bible Inspirations