Daily Bible Inspirations


by Heather Tietz

All those who the Father gives me will come to me. Him who comes to me I will in no way throw out.

John 6:37

When I was a child, I had a blanket. It was yellow and cotton with a satin trim. I loved it like a pet. I carried it around so often, and for so many years, that I was eventually able to wear it, like a housecoat. No matter how faded, how torn it had become, it remained my adored treasure.

Have you utterly loved something that seemed worthless to others? Our human spirits are young and weak. If we, as flawed humans, can become so smitten, so loyal, so much focus on a material thing, how much more passionately does our great God feel toward us? His love must be stronger, His commitment more unwavering than ours.

If you have come to Jesus, if you have had a moment, perhaps many, when you handed your life over to Him and begged, “Lord, save me, fix me, change me, heal me, help me, make me like Jesus!”, then you are God’s treasure. You’ve given yourself to Him. He has claimed you the same, never to be traded out for something new. In fact, your spirit is beautifying with age. One day you will be raised up with Jesus to Heaven, a perfected person for a perfect place.

Jesus said, we are worth more than the wildflowers, so splendidly dressed by God (Matthew 6:28-29). We are His bride, the Love, of a faithful God. You are His forever treasure. Live like you’re so valued today.