Daily Bible Inspirations

Jesus Says, “Talk to me”

by Darla Noble

All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

Matthew 21:22

But believing what? Believing you’ll get anything you ask for? Or believing in Jesus?

Brenda prayed God would let her win the lottery so she could quit her job and live the life she felt she deserved after her ex-husband left her with serious debt. She spent money on tickets each week that could have been used to reduce the debt, but instead, she became angry at God for not keeping His promise—the promise of ‘ask and you will receive’.

Singer/songwriter Larry Bryant’s song, “Shopping List” reminds us that Jesus isn’t Santa Claus and prayer isn’t meant to be used like a ‘favorite’s list’ on your online shopping site. So when Jesus says what we ask for “believing”, He’s not saying we can ask for materialistic and worldly things and get them.

The ‘believing’ Jesus is talking about is the believing that recognizes Jesus as our savior and redeemer and the ruler of our life. What Jesus is saying is that when we truly believe we will ask for things that honor God and bring us closer to Him. And these things He will not withhold from us.

For example, when Michael asked for a job that would not require him to work on Sundays so he could worship with his family, God answered that prayer. The job came with a reduction in pay, but Michael didn’t hesitate to take it anyway. “God answered my prayer, He’ll provide for our needs.” Three months later Michael received a pay raise that was more than he’d made at his previous job.

God will give us what we ask for when we believe that God’s gifts are the only gifts worth having.

PRAY: God, I want nothing more than to have a heart and mind that desires only those things You know are best for me. Keep me focused on those things and not the things of this world. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.