Daily Bible Inspirations

The Greatest Maestro

by Pastor Ken

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

An auctioneer lifted up an old, broken violin and asked how much someone…anyone in the crowd would be willing to pay. Where would the bidding start? Most of the people in the crowd laughed. The violin was old and obviously in poor condition. It had no value…or did it?

One person in the crowd finally called out saying they would give the auctioneer a penny for the old violin. Before agreeing to take that for it, however, the auctioneer asked, “Does anyone play the violin?”

After a few moments of silence, an old man went up and stood beside the auctioneer, took the violin in his hands and began to play. The crowd was in awe. Some even had tears in their eyes when the old man stopped playing and the auctioneer once again held the violin up for everyone to see.

The bidding then started at five dollars…ten…twenty…fifty…finally stopping at two hundred dollars! So what made the difference? The old man’s ability to display the violin’s worth, that’s what.

Our lives are a lot like that old violin. On our own, we are sinners; useless and weak. But when the maestro of our lives, who is God, is allowed to display our true worth, we become beautiful and valuable. We become instruments of His work and can do all things through Him who gives us strength.

Prayer: Jesus, I give myself to You completely. Work through me to make beautiful music for You and for Your kingdom. In Your sweet name, I pray, amen.