Daily Bible Inspirations

Jesus’ Peace—Shalom in the Chaos

by Pastor Ken

Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, give I to you. Don’t let your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.

John 14:27

“Peace be with you!” was Jesus’ greetings to His followers after His resurrection. The Hebrew word used would have been shalom, which was the common Hebrew greeting of the day. The word means “peace,” but was used for “hello” and “goodbye” to indicate your good wishes to those you were speaking to.

Jesus’ use of the word, however, held an even deeper meaning, since the peace He offered was (and still is) much more meaningful and life changing. It is a peace that helped countless early Christians withstand persecution, even when it led to their death. His greeting of peace was a reminder and a promise to them that as long as they kept the faith, they would know a peace in their heart, soul, and mind that could not be taken from them.

The peace Jesus spoke of is the same peace He offers us today—a peace the world can neither give nor take away. Jesus’ peace does not come from a system of rituals or even an intellectual philosophy. It comes from the knowledge that you have taken the gift offered you—the gift of forgiveness of from your sins and the unconditional love of God the Father and Jesus the Son.

Jesus’ peace is shalom in the chaos; it meets the needs and desires of your soul. It gives you security amid external turbulent changes. It will be with you in this life, in the hour of your death, and for all eternity.

Today and always, make sure you have Jesus’ peace in your heart. Do not be afraid of pain, persecutions, or trials. You have a Savior who will never leave you. His peace will be with you always.

Enjoy fully the shalom of Jesus in the chaos of this life.