Daily Bible Inspirations

The Perfectly Wonderful Imperfect Life

by Darla Noble

For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.

Romans 3:23

Over the years I’ve been blessed with several opportunities to teach parenting classes.

When I do, I always tell parents that being a mom or dad means they are living a perfectly wonderful imperfect life.

I believe parenting is the most wonderful job in the world. But it is also the job at which doing your absolute best still won’t make you perfect. To be honest, there no such thing as a perfect parent; neither is there such a thing as a perfect child.

No matter how hard we try to do our best, there is no escaping the cautionary note in today’s verse: all have sinned.

The fact that neither parents nor children are perfect is the only way the family can work here on earth. It’s not that way with us and God—our heavenly Father. God, who IS truth and perfection knows we are neither. But, oh how thankful we should be that He loves us anyway! God’s love for us is bigger than our sin. It’s bigger than our doubts.

Bigger than our worries, stresses, and pain.

God’s grace pardons us. It covers us. Though we all have fallen short of God’s glory and sinned, God’s grace is greater than all our sins combined.


Thank you, God,
For forgiveness, for love, and for the promise that those things will never go away.
In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.