Daily Bible Inspirations

Two Words Not Often Used Together

by Darla Noble

They offered great sacrifices that day, and rejoiced; for God had made them rejoice with great joy; and the women and the children also rejoiced; so that the joy of Jerusalem was heard even far away.

Nehemiah 12:43

The two words I want to focus on from today’s verse are sacrifices and rejoice.

The two aren’t often used together, but they should be. We should be glad – we should rejoice – when we sacrifice or give something we have back to God or to someone whose needs are greater than our own.

Sure it’s easy to fix a meal for a grieving family or for a new momma. When they express their thanks we can say with a sincere heart, “No problem—we’re glad (we rejoice) we could help.” And I’m sure you are glad to help. I know I am. But would we be as glad or as willing if fixing that meal meant we had less…or none at all for the day?

Or what about sacrificing that high-end pair of jeans you want so you can buy two pairs for the same price and give one away? And when you buy gifts for a Christmas toy drive, do you buy whatever is on sale with the attitude that ‘those kids’ just need to be glad they’re getting something? Or do you rejoice in the sacrifice of giving something a child will truly enjoy—even though it means spending less on yourself or someone you know and love…someone who has plenty?

No matter what the sacrifice—time, money, ‘stuff,’ your expertise—rejoice in the fact that God wants to use you for HIS work. Sacrifice with a heart that rejoices; knowing God will honor you for your faithfulness and heart for HIS people.


Please help me remember that all I have is Yours and to share it willingly with others. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.