Daily Bible Inspirations

You Flourish as the Green Leaf

by Pastor Ken

He who trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous shall flourish as the green leaf.

Proverbs 11:28

We live in a world where money and wealth are completely misunderstood and misused. Nearly everybody wants to have more money. Nearly everyone believes having more money would solve their problems—no matter what that problem is. But have you noticed that no matter how much you have, it never seems to be enough? And have you noticed that those who have a lot of money are just as prone to sadness, disease, death, and problems big and small?

Oh, we can’t deny that there is a need for money in our society. It is our method of exchange for goods and services. But our need for money—our actual need for money—is not nearly as great as we think it is. The truth of the matter is this: Jesus is what we really need.

When we make Jesus, not money, our top priority and king of our lives, we will flourish—just like today’s verse tells us. Like a green leaf. When we put our faith in Jesus rather than money, everything else falls into place. Not so, if we do it the opposite way—the world’s way. When we put money first, things don’t fall into place. They fall apart.

Don’t let this be you. Trust in Jesus—not the riches of this world. Trust in Jesus and flourish.

Pray: Father, help me to find and keep the proper balance between Jesus, family, work, and money so that I can really “flourish as the green leaf.” In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.