Daily Bible Inspirations

Everlasting Daylight

by Sam

There will be no night, and they need no lamp light; for the Lord God will illuminate them. They will reign forever and ever.

Revelation 22:5

Are you scared of the dark? When I was growing up, I was scared of the dark. I always had a night light near my bed, in the hallway, and in the bathroom. I was scared because I couldn’t always see what was in the dark. I was never scared in my room, hallway, or bathroom during the day. Now as an adult I am scared of dark alleys and dark corners in city streets. This is because there could be wild animals or dangerous people in those places.

God invites you to place where there is no darkness, where there is no night. He wants to live with you forever in the bright joyful daylight of His Glory. There is no sun in Heaven because God Himself shall be your light. He wants you to be free of fear, pain, and sorrow. Do you want to go there? Ask God into your heart, so from today, He can be the Light in your heart. Let all the darkness of your heart completely disappear as God’s Light fills you. And when you continue your life with the Light of God, one day you will find yourself standing in Heaven—where your wonderful loving God shines on you directly. Let God in today.

Father, please come into my heart. Through the comforting light of Yours, cleanse my heart of the results of sin: pain, suffering, doubt, and death. Fill me with joy, gladness, and peace. Guide me with Your light to today and until the everlasting day. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.