Daily Bible Inspirations

The Real Wellspring

by Heather Tietz

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life.

Proverbs 4:23

Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park is a natural geyser. It is a hot fountain of water that erupts faithfully every 45 to 125 minutes. It has been predictable for hundreds of years, spewing from what appears to be an everlasting wellspring, an eternal water source.

Your heart is a wellspring. It is the source that drives your life in certain directions. Those things your heart loves, those people you yearn for, your convicting philosophies, they are what press you into the choices you make. Your loves in life determine how you spend your work time, your free time, your Sabbath, your money. What we love makes our lives. It determines what we do, where we go. It drives us upward toward God, outward toward others, or wayward, toward destruction.

So, guard your heart. Be wary of what you lean into loving.

Jesus is our fountain of living water. He is a wellspring, THE wellspring. If we press into Him, all our life loves will fall into place. Then, we will be a fountain to those around, showering love from the eternal wellspring that everyone needs, Jesus.