Daily Bible Inspirations

Fit for the Hand of God

by Heather Tietz

But God chose the foolish things of the world that he might put to shame those who are wise. God chose the weak things of the world that he might put to shame the things that are strong.

1 Corinthians 1:27

God has told much of His story of redemption using powerless things and powerless people: an elderly couple, a basket, a man with a speech impediment, a bush, a walking stick, a rope, a city with a bad reputation, the youngest son, a humble girl, a poor man, a dirty barn, lowly shepherds, a tiny baby, and the list goes on. God led simple things to build nations, win battles, and ultimately change the world.

Why simple things?

Because everyone understands simple needs. Whether rich or poor, we all want saving from disease, pain, and uncertainty. We all need God. Our own might can’t wake up an aged reproductive system. Our own power can’t save a baby from disease. Our own words can’t convince a nation. We don’t have the power to even change one person’s mind. But all the holes in their lives are spaces for God’s mighty hand, invitations for an all-powerful God to do something amazing.

If, in life, you feel your need for God’s power, then you are a great fit for the hand of God. You need Him. He wants to be your Savior.