Daily Bible Inspirations

Your Center of Refuge

by John Michalak

But I will sing of your strength. Yes, I will sing aloud of your loving kindness in the morning. For you have been my high tower, a refuge in the day of my distress. To you, my strength, I will sing praises. For God is my high tower, the God of my mercy.

Psalm 59:16-17

“We’re surrounded!”

This was the cry heard in those old war movies. Soldiers found themselves surrounded by the enemy on all sides.

David often faced such danger. In this Psalm, men of Saul were there to kill him. David cries aloud like anyone of us might in a similar situation. But, he also never loses sight of his center of refuge—the mighty high tower of God.

We often find ourselves surrounded by enemies. Those who oppose our desire to live a holy life, beckoning us to surrender to the ways of the world. Or the enemies of our faith—enticements to doubt or fall into despair.

And all along, in the center of our trial, lies an invisible fortress—a high tower which, if we chose to see and enter, could save us from our distress. But we don’t see it because our focus stays on the enemy and not on the God who saves.

Open your eyes. In the center of all your trouble, you can find your strength. Through praise, devotion, and prayer, you’ll step into God’s high tower. And the darkness that surrounds you will turn away and flee.