Daily Bible Inspirations

Be Like a Dandelion

by Heather Tietz

There is one who scatters, and increases yet more. There is one who withholds more than is appropriate, but gains poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat. He who waters shall be watered also himself.

Proverbs 11:24-25

Dandelions. Half the world has known one. Unlike most plants, dandelions are so hearty they can thrive in wastelands as well as lush forests. They’re found on frigid mountain tops, avalanche sites, burnt woods and green pastures alike. Wherever they thrive, they bring color to landscapes and health to both animals and people. Their buds, blooms, roots, seeds and even bare stems are a nutritious green. Every bit of them is usable, every bit enriches the environment around them.

Heartiness is only half their strength. The other reason dandelions grow nearly everywhere is because they so willingly share themselves. When all their petals are gone and nothing but an orb of seeds remains, the dandelion holds so lightly together that the slightest puff of wind sends the seeds to flight. They scatter abundantly, depositing the hope of more dandelions every place they grow.

Jesus was like a dandelion. He spent His days giving Himself away to the wastelands of His time and the green pastures alike. He scattered Himself, His words, His deeds, like seeds, everywhere.

Are you like a dandelion? Are you a healthy morsel to those you meet? Do you beautify wastelands? Can you thrive in cold, unfriendly environments? Are you liberal with Jesus, spreading His light, His beauty, His wisdom, His hope where you go. Say “Yes!” You can today!