Daily Bible Inspirations

Smiling From the Inside Out

by Darla Noble

A glad heart makes a cheerful face; but an aching heart breaks the spirit.

Proverbs 15:13

Sheri is somewhat quiet and reserved, but she always has a smile on her face; giving everyone the impression that she’s got it all together. But ‘together’ is the last thing Sheri you might expect Sheri to be.

Her husband of thirty-seven years died of a sudden heart attack six months ago, her mom has dementia and is needing near-constant care, and even though she is close to them, both her daughters and their families live several hours away; making frequent visits difficult.

When someone asked her how she could be so happy with everything she was dealing with, Sheri told them it wasn’t anything she was doing, but everything God was doing for her.

Sheri’s heart isn’t glad because of her life’s difficulties. Sheri’s heart is glad in spite of these situations and because she chooses to entrust her heart to God.

God doesn’t expect us to flit through life without feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed, and even angry. He’s the one who put those emotions inside us. But have you ever wondered why He put them there? I believe God created us the way He did to help us realize our need for Him to be the caretaker of our heart.

Will your God be in your heart so that your spirit will be glad?