Daily Bible Inspirations

Spiritual Check-Up

by Pastor Ken

“For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life?”

Mark 8:36

I’ve known people who have participated in what is called a “death experience.” During this “death experience,” a person writes their own eulogy and a farewell message to family and friends. They even go so far as to lie down in a casket so they can see what they will look like ‘dead.‘ The purpose for this “death experience” is to remind the participant that we should live in such a way that we have no regrets when we die.

No one knows when their life here on earth will come to an end. Life can unexpectedly be taken from us in the time it takes our heart to beat. Or even the bleakest of situations can turn around; giving us renewed energy and life for years to come.

We experienced this truth in our family a few years ago, when my wife was gravely ill. The doctor told me her chances of survival were slim. As I drove home that night with tears streaming down my face, God sent me the following message through the words of this song:

In these dark days lift up your eyes to Jesus, Lift your eyes, He’s still upon the throne.

And come what may, He never will forsake you, For He is God; to Him, all things are known.

Lift up your eyes, He still is there, Be not dismayed, He knows your weight of care.

In these dark days lift up your eyes to Jesus And trust in Him – He will your burden bear.

Thankfully, God granted my request to give me more time here on earth with my wife. But the experience of her near-death was a ‘wake-up call’ to both of us to make God our number one priority. We know that nothing is worth more than having the confidence of knowing you will spend eternity with God.

Prayer: LORD, help me to put Jesus first! In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.