Daily Bible Inspirations

Whether the Battle Is Won or Lost

by John Michalak

“You shall not fear them; for the LORD your God himself fights for you.”

Deuteronomy 3:22

Have you ever said, “I can fight my own battles!”

Usually, we say this when someone is seeking to help us when it’s not wanted. We want to stand on our own. We want control of our lives.

Sometimes this is OK. Independence and ambition are important to tackle many of your daily challenges, whether it’s showing up to work on time, keeping your house clean, or doing your taxes. And certainly, you should take responsibility for your actions. You shouldn’t expect others to be responsible for what you say and do.

But, what about the bigger battles? A struggle with alcoholism. A troubled marriage. Wanting to heal from past hurts or abuses. Graduating from college. Raising a child. Winning these kinds of battles so often feels impossible. And when you try to fight them on your own, you usually lose.

God wants to fight for you. He’s always been with you during these challenges, even when you didn’t know it, or when you said you could do it on your own. Humble yourself to depend on Him to defeat the enemy—whether it’s a person, an obstacle, or your own lack of faith. God will save you if you let Him. In this sense, whether the battle is won or lost is decided before you ever begin.

Call on God. Let Him fight for you, today.