Daily Bible Inspirations

Stepping into Good Health

by Heather Tietz

For bodily exercise has some value, but godliness has value in all things, having the promise of the life which is now, and of that which is to come.

1 Timothy 4:8

10,000 steps a day, that’s what pedometers are encouraging us to strive for. So they say, those of us who take 5000 or fewer steps are living a sedentary lifestyle; we are sitting too much to maintain good health.

Perhaps you’d be surprised to know what profession in the United States enables the longest lifespan of its workers – nuns! Women who have shed the stress of life for meditation, prayer, and service to those in need, live on average seventy-seven years. Those following closely to the feet of Jesus, perhaps walking more miles in spirit than in shoes, and are living longer than the rest of us!

Why? Perhaps it is just as Paul says, “Exercise is valuable, but it isn’t the most valuable thing in life.” Exercise just isn’t enough to counteract the way the average American lives. Stress and indulgence are robbing our years. Honoring the Sabbath, fasting, praying, holding close God’s peace, pursuing godliness is not only in line with an eternal life later but sustain a valuable life for us now.