Daily Bible Inspirations

A Time to Hide

by Heather Tietz

Come, my people, enter into your rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for a little moment, until the indignation is past.

Isaiah 26:20

There is a time for hiding.

High-powered attorney Alan Bell found this to be true over thirty years ago when a specialist informed him that his only chance of survival would be to hide. Bell’s body, so damaged from environmental toxins, had to be hidden in a sterile “bubble unit” in the middle of the Arizona desert. He had to hide from people, products, and many foods so that his sickness and weakness would end.

Throughout history, we see that God has hidden His children at times, too. God called Noah to build a giant ark in which to hide.

He told the Israelite slaves to smear lamb’s blood on their doorways so they could hide from the Angel of Death.

He helped Rahab hide the Israelite spies and in turn, they hid her from the destruction of Jericho.

David hid from Saul. Elijah hid from Queen Jezebel. Joseph and Mary hid Jesus from Herod. Sometimes hiding is part of God’s plan, not because of fear, but because of wisdom.

Hiding isn’t forever, though. Destruction passes, doors open, villains die, bodies heal. Even Bell found his health on the other side of his hiding place.

When we are called to hide, God has good in mind for us, too.


Holy Father,
Please be my hiding place.
Let Your grace hide my sins and help me find peace in You.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.