Daily Bible Inspirations

True to the Very End

by Darla Noble

I hold fast to my righteousness, and will not let it go. My heart shall not reproach me so long as I live.

Job 27:6

Did your mom ever tell you that “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”? Well guess what? She was right! Giving your best effort to everything you do is really the only way to go. Doing your best gives you a sense of self-respect and satisfaction. Doing your best shows respect for the others involved and the situation itself. Most of all, doing your best is the only way you will get the most benefit out of a situation.

This is especially true when it comes to your relationship with the LORD. You are never out of His sight or His tender loving care. He gives you His absolute every single minute of every single day. He gave His best and only Son, Jesus, as an offering and sacrifice for your sins and mine. In other words, God is completely committed to us, so as an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving, we should offer our full commitment back to Him.

Being fully committed to God fills our hearts with joy, gives us the sense of self-respect we all crave, and allows us to receive the full benefit of God’s blessings.