Daily Bible Inspirations

The Waiting Crowd

by Heather Tietz

Wait for the LORD. Be strong, and let your heart take courage.

Yes, wait for the LORD.

Psalm 27:14

If you are waiting, you’re not alone.

You’re standing where a crowd of God-fearing people has stood, persevering through the pain of the unknown, squeezing out trust, growing greater faith.

Noah waited in a noisy, smelly ark. Moses spent forty years wandering the wilderness, waiting for God to take him to the Promised Land. Hannah, Sarai, and Rebecca all waited in humiliation as family taunted them for being childless. The apostle Paul waited, innocent and in prison.

Waiting is a theme in scripture. Here in Psalm 27, David confidently sings. He is not in a grassy field or resting by a stream.

No, David is on his way to battle. But instead of anticipating pain, instead of being overcome with fear, He sings. David spent so many years practicing waiting, by the time he became king he knew he could depend on God, even in frightening circumstances like war.

You can depend on God too. Not only does a crowd of godly people know how you feel, but a powerful story of God’s great timing is in the works for you as well.

Waiting makes us cling to God rather than to an outcome. He will give us what is best for us when it is best that we receive it.

His perspective is eternal; ours is not.


Dear God,
Please give me the wisdom to wait for You as heroes like Abraham, Noah, and David did.
Please bless me with Your strength and courage.
In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.