Daily Bible Inspirations

It’s Not About Perfection

by Heather Tietz

Turn at my reproof. Behold, I will pour out my spirit on you. I will make known my words to you.

Proverbs 1:23

Repentance, not perfection, is the mark of loving Jesus. Jesus’ followers aren’t perfect, but they are constantly seeking to get closer to it.

Remember King David. He was a man who loved God. He wrote songs for Him. He danced for Him. He wanted to build Him a beautiful temple. He honored God’s law…most of the time. King David, like many of us, got swept up into sin. It wasn’t an accident when He ordered Bathsheba be brought to Him. It wasn’t a mistake that her innocent husband died. David deliberately planned his immorality. But, when he was confronted by Nathan, He sorrowfully sought after God’s heart. He fasted. He begged for mercy. He grieved. (See Psalm 32, 28, 51) David wanted God’s affection, God’s plans, God’s love in his life.

David was disciplined for his sin; the baby born to him and Bathsheba died. But then, God poured down blessings on him. God’s turned David’s sinful relationship with Bathsheba into an example of grace. Their new child was named Solomon, which means “Peace.” Solomon became one of the great grandfathers of Jesus. What began as a horrible sin, birthed grace for not only David but for all the world.

There is great forgiveness and love on the other side of great sin.