Daily Bible Inspirations

My Father’s World

by Heather Tietz

“He has made the earth by His power.

He has established the world by His wisdom.

By His understanding He has stretched out the heavens.“

Jeremiah 51:15

“I’m going out to see my Father’s world.”

That’s what pastor Maltbie Babcock was in the habit of saying. He would take morning walks up to a hill that overlooked Lake Ontario. Maltbie knew that nature was evidence of God’s existence. In nature, you can hear God’s voice. Through nature, you can see God’s character. This love of nature and nature’s Creator inspired Maltbie to write the beloved hymn “This is My Father’s World.”

It seemed that King David too loved nature and nature’s Creator. He must have grown up hearing how God had spoken to his ancestors through trembling mountains, whispering wind, clouds of fire and earthquakes. Like his ancestors, David too spent his boyhood years outside, guarding sheep. Many of his psalms reflect the lessons he learned about God through nature.

Jesus taught through nature. He used fish, mud, sticks, figs, oil, sheep, storms and more to explain who God is and who He was.

God’s Words surround us. He has much to say through His creation. Husbands and wives, siblings, single persons, NEED strolls through creation. We need evening walks together. We need solemn strolls alone. We need to look. Like Maltbie, like David, like Jesus, we need to listen. We need to absorb the peace God offers through trees, skies, bugs, and animals.

Our Father’s world is God’s gift to us, and we can learn of Him by admiring what He’s made.