Daily Bible Inspirations

Your Great War Story

by Heather Tietz

One man of you shall chase a thousand; for it is the LORD your God who fights for you, as he spoke to you.

Joshua 23:10

War. Perhaps it is one of the few things in the world we can truly tag the word “hate” onto. Most of us have no idea how hateful it is, but we’ve seen enough in Hollywood films to make us cringe. When a war is truly ordained by God though, and when we are called into it, we have no need to fear. God’s battles are always won, and His war stories are seriously the best!

Joshua encourages the Israelites, “Remember all the times God has driven out the Canaanites from you. Don’t fear them! God will give you success again.” Supernatural might had won battles for God’s people time and again. God had empowered Jael, a civilian woman, to kill the enemy’s military commander when he wandered into her tent. God had sent hailstorms to scatter the foe and a storm to flood out enemy troops. He fell the protective walls of Jericho so the Israelites could just walk inside. The Bible records 230 Canaanite cities overtaken by Israel. Most were simply deserted by a fearful, fleeing enemy.

God has unexpected war tactics. When it seems like He hasn’t a plan, be on the lookout. Lift up your battles. Then trust Him through His unusual strategies. If your battle is God-ordained, He’s writing a great war story for you.