Daily Bible Inspirations

Well Pleasing Person

by Heather Tietz

Enoch walked with God, and he was not found, for God took him. By faith, Enoch was taken away, so that he wouldn’t see death, and he was not found, because God translated him. For he has had testimony given to him that before his translation he had been well pleasing to God.

Genesis 5:24, Hebrews 11:5

Enoch’s life is a mystery. We know almost nothing but that he had faith. “By faith, Enoch was taken away so that he wouldn’t see death.” Something about his faith was well pleasing. While there may be many virtues that God values, it appears faith is at the top of His list. It’s the flour in the bread. Without it there’s just a mess of good ingredients but no real Christianity.

Like Enoch, David is another great love of God’s. He is called the “man after God’s own heart.” Like Enoch, we never hear of a struggle of faith for David. From childhood he sought God, praising Him in songs and dance, appreciating His creation, always seeing His great hand in nature. As a shepherd, he credited God with empowering him to protect his sheep from lions and bears. He knew God’s almighty, invisible hand was able to stop wild animals and wild people alike. He faced Goliath and the crazed king Saul; God was his protector. So, instead of God taking David to Himself, He made him a great king, a forever example of what living in love of God looks like.

After David came Jesus, the real bread, the Bread of Life. All the mix of great virtues along with perfect faith and a faithful life are found in Him. Everyone can have a slice of that! Solid faith in Jesus makes us pleasing to God too.