Daily Bible Inspirations

Let Go

by Heather Tietz

Then Job answered the LORD, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be restrained.“

Job 42:1-2

I love the words of today’s verse!

Can you hear the sigh? Can you hear the tone with which Job speaks? His life has been destroyed: he has lost his health, his children, his finances. His friends are accusing him. He’s totally deflated.

On top of all that, God Himself has hammered Job with questions, “Can any human debate My authority, My choices, My reasoning? Can you question why I do what I do when I do, how I do?” What can Job respond?

How can we respond when we’re standing on ashes, quaking on shifting tectonic plates, suffering through life on this planet? We, too, can speak those humble words, “I know that YOU can do all things. Whatever plan YOU formed, whether it’s to give me joy or to grow my spirit, it will be done. All is in YOUR hands.”

We’ve got to claim it. We’ve got to speak it. We’ve got to let go our tight hold on the details of life.

We’ve got to let go – take a breath, relax into God’s arms and trust Him to do what is best.


Precious Lord,
I know that everything is in Your control.
You can do all things. Please help me to trust more fully in You.
I love You. Amen.