Daily Bible Inspirations

What’s Your Ghost?

by Heather Tietz

But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Cheer up! It is I! Don’t be afraid.”

Matthew 14:27

The disciples are frightened on stormy waters. The setting is already dark and gloomy and then, things suddenly appear to get worse - there’s a ghost! Surely Jesus didn’t mean to frighten His friends. In fact, He was coming to save them! But the dark situation set them all up to expect the worst. Instead of praying and looking out expectantly for their salvation, instead of hoping, instead of encouraging one another, they let fear overtake them.

How often do we sit in our rocky boat and fret? How often do we let stormy situations overtake us? Jesus is so close! Stop panicking and start praying. Then, look out in faith. Have hope! Jesus is there even though you can’t see Him.