Daily Bible Inspirations

Let the Blood Rush to Your Head

by John Michalak

Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Matthew 23:12

While most adults would never try this, as children it was fun to hang from the playground bars in order to see the world upside down. Everything looked so different! The grass became the sky and it seemed we could walk on the clouds. But, as fun as it was, we wouldn’t stay that way for long. The blood would rush to our head and we’d feel too dizzy to remain.

Jesus showed us a world that’s upside down. At least, from the way we usually see things. Do you want to live life to the full? Jesus said you first need to die to your desire to live your own way. Want to rise high in life? Jesus said the only way to rise is to fall—to live a life of humility.

Maybe you’ve tried to live the life Jesus recommends. But, you couldn’t stay there. The blood started rushing to your head and you felt uncomfortable living so differently from others. It seemed that to live life upside down must require a miracle or a change in the properties of physical matter!

But, the miracle has occurred. Jesus never asks us to accomplish something that His miraculous work on the cross hasn’t already empowered us to do. Simply let the blood of Jesus rush to your head, and what once seemed upside down will suddenly look right and true.