Daily Bible Inspirations

Just One Pearl

by Brenda Kis

Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a merchant seeking fine pearls, who having found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

Matthew 13:45-46

Little Adam was inconsolable!

He had lost his favorite toy, a sandy-colored bear. As we prepared to leave, he burst into tears. We combed the beach to no avail. Suddenly, a fraction of the little bear’s striped ear peeked out of the sand at our feet. Grabbing up his cherished toy, Adam cried for joy. For our boy at that moment, nothing was worth more than his bear.

And so it is in the parable about the merchant of fine pearls. He must have had some beauties in his collection. Varied pastel colors tinged the lustrous surface of each one. Nothing gave him more pleasure than the beauty of these jewels from the sea.

But one day he made a life-changing discovery. Someone, perhaps another vendor, introduced him to the biggest, most beautiful pearl he had ever seen! He was smitten, and from then on, his only goal was to obtain that pearl.

But the price! It was as overwhelming as was the pearl itself. It required everything he owned. He saw his collection through new eyes; what had formerly seemed so valuable now became the means of obtaining a pearl that was even more precious. So “he went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”

This fabulous pearl is Jesus. With Him comes peace, guidance, love, forgiveness, and more.

Nothing we possess can equal the joy of a relationship with Him!


Father God,
Please help me find this perfect pearl.
Let nothing keep me from Jesus!
I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.