Daily Bible Inspirations

That Dirty Mouth

by Heather Tietz

Whoever guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

Proverbs 21:23

There are in fact more bacteria in a person’s mouth than there are people in the world! Mouths are a filthy place. And yet, they are perhaps the most common way we express love, affection, adoration, and encouragement to the world. They smile, they frown. They compliment, they curse. They are perhaps the worst offender and the best friend. 

Some of the greatest advice the Bible has to offer is found in James 1:19, “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” Perhaps that is why God gave us two ears and one mouth. We should be twice as likely to listen as we are to argue, lecture, or give our opinions. Don’t you think? What would happen if we put this into practice, if we listened more actively to our children, to our spouses, to our friends? What would happen if the next time a verbal explosion occurred, we locked our lips and waited, waited for others, waiting for God’s voice?  

Like a wild dog, the tongue can be tamed. Perhaps if we can just discipline it to sit still a while, there just may be less dirt to clean up afterward.