Daily Bible Inspirations

Good Manners with God

by Heather Tietz

Surely the righteous will give thanks to your name. The upright will dwell in your presence.

Psalm 140:13

Our family has gotten some eyebrow-raising gifts over the years, usually from a distant family member who doesn’t know us very well!

But these gifts – from the too-small-for-a-doll tacky sweater to the pajama top sized for an ox – were given in love. They provided good practice in manners for our kids.

When you write a thank you note for strange gifts, how can you be sincere? We’ve found that there is always something in the gift worth complimenting –the way it feels, the color, and if nothing else, how it made us smile.

Do we have the same good manners with God as we do with those whose feelings we don’t want to hurt? Jesus wasn’t one to critique the outward show, but He did value verbal thank yous.

When He healed the ten lepers, remember, He asked the one who returned with thanks, where the others were (Luke 17:12 – 19). Weren’t they grateful too? Why hadn’t they thanked Him for His gift?

We receive blessings all the time. In spite of the bad that threatens to overwhelm us, there is always goodness mixed in. There is always a reason to lift up our heads and feel grateful for something.

So, put on your good manners, and start thanking God for the goodness around you.


Dear God,
Help me to remember my manners when I think of the gifts You have given me.
Forgive me for taking Your blessings for granted.
In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.