Daily Bible Inspirations

A Refuge in the City

by Heather Tietz

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1

New York is the largest city in the US.

Over 8 million people are packed into 468 square miles of buildings, roads, and parks. It is twice as populated as Los Angeles, but with only half the space. That is one crowded city!

In 1857, spurred on by foreigners’ view that Americans were more interested in obtaining stuff than developing relationships, New York city softened its cityscape with an 840-acre living oasis called Central Park.

The noise of traffic, the exhaust from cars, the smell from overflowing trash cans, the view of brick buildings, the overwhelming city stimuli are walled out by trees and grass, lakes, benches, playground, and birds. 365 days a year Central Park stays open; it remains a permanent refuge for city residents.

Our lives can be like New York City, in the heat of summer, in the middle of rush hour - loud, uncomfortable and stressful. But we have a refuge.

David says that “God leads us to green pastures beside the still waters. He restores our souls.” Even when we find ourselves in the valley of darkness, down a dark, dirty corridor, He is with us. He is our living oasis, a refuge 365 days of the year.

Talk and walk with Jesus. If you can’t find solace with your feet, close your eyes, call out for God’s peace. He is ready to offer it.