Daily Bible Inspirations

Wiser Than Your Enemies

by Heather Tietz

Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies, for your commandments are always with me.

Psalm 119:98

Nokseng was wiser than his enemies. Following God’s commands was the way he chose to go, no matter what.

Nokseng stood before the Meghalaya village chief as arrows were aimed at his family. The chief demanded he renounce his Christian faith. Brave Nokseng responded in song. Spontaneously, he crafted the words and tune to what has become one of the most dearly loved hymns in Christendom, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. Nokseng and his family were killed, but their faith left the last blow. Nokseng’s unrelenting heart so astounded the village chief and members of the community that they too turned their hearts and their feet to follow Jesus. In death, Nokseng won his enemies over.

God’s commands compel us to be kind, to share, to love even those scheming to hurt us. His commands are our weapons against all evils. It may appear we are losing a battle, like Nokseng, but ultimately God is winning. Wisdom is arming our spirits with God’s law. When our weapons are crafted out of love, when forgiveness, patience, joy are our arrows, good will prevail and God will prevail. God will win.