Daily Bible Inspirations

You Can Be Perfect in Him

by Pastor Ken

For we all stumble in many things. Anyone who doesn’t stumble in word is a perfect person, able to bridle the whole body also.

James 3:2

You can be a perfect person when you become one with Jesus.

No, not perfect, in the fact that you never make a mistake or are never wrong. But rather “perfect” as in being mature in Christ, genuinely seeking to please God in all ways.

The words you speak are a reflection of your heart—what you think and how you feel. So the words that come out of your mouth send a message to God and to others about your relationship with the Savior.

So, before you speak, ask yourself: Is what I am about to say:

  • Free from partiality and hypocrisy?
  • Pure (or is there uncertainty or confusion)?
  • Merciful?
  • Peaceable?
  • Gentle?
  • Up-lifting?
  • Life-giving?

Choose your words carefully. Let each of them reflect your love for God and the perfect life He wants to give you.



Help me to have Jesus in my heart always so that whatever I say will be a reflection of who You are. 
 Let the person who hears me never doubt my love for You.
In Your Son’s Name, I pray, Amen.