Showers of Blessing

by Ami Hendrickson

1 Peter 3:9

Not rendering evil for evil, or insult for insult; but instead blessing, knowing that you were called to this, that you may inherit a blessing.

When General Sherman marched to the sea during the Civil War, Daniel Webster Whittle served as provost marshal on General Howard’s staff.

Whittle lost his right arm in the Battle of Vicksburg in the spring of 1863, and the Confederates captured him.

As Whittle recuperated from the loss of his arm, he was desperate for something to pass the time. His captors had allowed him to keep his bag. There he discovered a New Testament his mother had tucked away. What he read within those pages touched his heart and he became a committed Christian.

After the war, Whittle devoted his life to telling people about Christ’s love. In addition to traveling and preaching, he wrote the text for hymns, several of which are still well-known. The text to the beloved song “Showers of Blessing” is Whittle’s:

There shall be showers of blessing:

This is the promise of love;

There shall be seasons refreshing,

Sent from the Savior above.

Showers of blessing,

Showers of blessing we need:

Mercy-drops round us are falling,

But for the showers, we plead.

In America, April is National Poetry Month — the largest literary celebration in the world. This April, consider following where Whittle has led. In your prayer journal, try your hand at writing a poem praising God. If writing poetry isn’t for you, spend some time reading the Psalms; each of the 150 chapters is a poem or lyrics to a song.

In all things give thanks for the blessings God showers upon us every day.


What blessing can I expect to inherit if I follow where God leads?


Dear God, Thank You for calling me to serve You and for showering me with blessings. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.