Daily Bible Inspirations

God Blesses the Gentile

by Pastor Ken

Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

“Gentle” can also be translated as “meek,” “humble,” “considerate,” and “unassuming.” Jesus spoke of Himself as gentle and lowly in heart (Matthew 11:29), saying all who “labor and are heavily burdened” may come to Him and find rest for their souls (11:28).

When you come to Jesus, you will have a gentle attitude towards God. You accept God’s will as the best for your life and willingly submit to Him without any hesitation. Thus, you will see you have gentleness as part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit and a Christian virtue (Galatians 5:23, 1 Timothy 6:11).

This virtue, gentleness, from Jesus, will make you gentle and you become nonviolent, nonaggressive, and unselfish. You, together with gentle Jesus, will help the helpless. You will reach out to those who are hurting. You will give what you get from God to others, from your heart. And you then will receive a bounty of gifts from God. Yes, you will inherit the earth. What a gift!

Prayer: Lord, let me walk with you each day so that I can learn to be gentle in my daily life. In the gentle name of Jesus, I pray, amen.