Daily Bible Inspirations

Was Jesus a Morning Person?

by John Michalak

Early in the morning, while it was still dark, he rose up and went out, and departed into a deserted place, and prayed there.

Mark 1:35

Was Jesus a morning person?

While retaining His divine nature, Jesus emptied Himself and became fully human. He felt the same human need and weakness you and I do. So, have you ever wondered whether Jesus was possibly a night-owl who, nevertheless, had the discipline to rise early and seek His Heavenly Father?

Now, it can be debated whether the Bible makes seeking God in the morning an absolute rule for all believers. It says we should seek God morning, noon, and night. But, what’s the principle here? Isn’t it that we should regularly seek God in such a way that we shut ourselves away from the demands of society, friends, and family? That, by our disciplined actions, we on a daily basis should schedule ways to set God above all the things that compete for our heart and mind?

Most areas of spiritual obedience aren’t public or full of fanfare and emotional inspiration. Loving God and others well is often about private routine and regular discipline. Jesus may or may not have been a morning person, but He knew that in order for Him to rise in His relationship with the Father, He needed the discipline to rise and seek Him every day, especially on the days He didn’t feel like it.

We all must pray for the discipline to rise.