Daily Bible Inspirations

A Full Heart

by Heather Tietz

[Jesus said] “So be careful, or your hearts will be loaded down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day will come on you suddenly.”

Luke 21:34

Is your heart full? Your mind preoccupied? Your emotions leaden? Know someone there? Jesus warns us to be on guard. He knows that the cares of this life can suddenly weigh us down. They can dress as the enemy. Jobs, insurance, bills, family, health, we can lose our perspective, we can overlook all our blessings and simply see challenges, obstacles, and burdens. If we aren’t careful, the very things that God has given to us can seem like a snare, a trap that has caught us, a burden we’d like to drown in alcohol perhaps.

Jesus gives us the weapon with which to protect ourselves. Prayer. When we pray, when we reflect on the immense majesty of God, when we petition for His almighty hand to get involved in our affairs, whatever lions we’ve have been thrown to, whatever fiery furnace awaits, whatever torrent of rain falls, becomes minimized, less of a care beside our great God. The cares of this life don’t fill our hearts because God is there instead.

So, stop. Pray. You can’t afford to carry on without God’s help. Don’t lean on a momentary fix of your feelings. Don’t look to alcohol for peace. Reach out for “the peace that surpasses all understanding”. “Give your cares to Him, for He cares for you.” Then, you will be true to your faith, trusting God in all circumstances, able to stand before Jesus one day.