Daily Bible Inspirations

The Greatest Hero

by Heather Tietz

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

Because we serve a good God, for every villain that strikes at humanity, there will be a hero to bring good out of his evil. Heroes are born from a bad circumstance. Sterling character is revealed in dark situations.

Our history books and newspapers are filled with heroes. There are heroes like Casey Jones who willingly gave up their lives to save passengers from wrecking trains.

There are gentlemen like Alfred Vanderbilt who passed out life belts to all but himself when great ships were sinking.

There are strong hearted men like Russian Oleg Okgrimenko who voluntarily laid their bodies over grenades to save the people around them from the explosion.

There are teenage boys who took bullets from deranged shooters to save their girlfriends from harm.

There are religious men like Maximillian Kolbe who took the punishment for other prisoners, who sang to keep up the spirits of those around them and though innocent, died a criminal death. Villains all over our world have brought heroes to life.

Jesus is the greatest hero of all. He loved in the face of hate. He healed in the face of disease and made the person perfect in the face of deformity. He brought life to the face death. Our good God always wins.