Daily Bible Inspirations

Great Faith, Great Courage

by Heather Tietz

Out of my distress, I called on the LORD. The LORD answered me with freedom.

Psalm 118:5

What would you do if you were kidnapped? Nine-year-old Willie Myrick knows! Trust God. Believe that He sees your darkest circumstance. Call on Him in faith. Take courage.

March 31, 2014, Willie was playing in the driveway of his Atlanta home, when a stranger in a car offered him money. The stranger grabbed Willie and pulled him into the car. For three hours his kidnapper drove. For three hours Willie sang. The stranger cursed him. Willie kept praising God. Finally, the kidnapper, annoyed, convicted perhaps, let Willie out and drove away.

Great faith can come from anyone. Young David stood before Goliath with great faith. Old Noah showed great faith as he built the ark. The Canaanite, harlot Rahab revealed great faith when she sided with the Israelite spies. Queen Esther exercised great faith when she requested her king spare the Jews. Willie showed great faith when he proclaimed God’s goodness in the midst of his own tragedy. Great faith makes for great courage for Bible characters and modern day people alike.

Do you need courage? Start with faith. Take your first step and give your dark circumstance to God. Watch Him grow great faith in you.