Daily Bible Inspirations

Leading God’s Way

by Beatrice Jean-Baptiste

Hezekiah did so throughout all Judah; and he did that which was good, right, and faithful before the LORD his God.

2 Chronicles 31:20

Everyone is a leader to some degree, whether you’re leading a family, a company, or a church.

In fact, you don’t need the formal position of a leader to be one because everyone has their sphere of influence in this world and can make an impact for God’s kingdom. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Each leader has his or her own toolbox of traits that impact the people they interact with.

The Bible is littered with stories of good and bad leaders. King Hezekiah is a shining example of a godly leader.

When Hezekiah became king, the people of Judah were on the brink of exile. They had turned away from God to idolatry.

God chose Hezekiah to turn the hearts of the people back to Him. To do this, Hezekiah had to destroy the various symbols of pagan worship throughout the land. This was no easy feat. I can imagine that this ruffled feathers and caused many to resent Hezekiah. Nonetheless, he remained faithful to God.

As leaders, our faithfulness to God may not cause us to win popularity contests but it will develop our characters and draw us closer to the divine purpose for our lives. Like Hezekiah, leaders who are willing to be led by God leave a legacy of faithfulness.


Dear God,
Please help me become the leader You have designed me to be.
Empower me to lead out with love, integrity, and faithfulness.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.