Daily Bible Inspirations

The Freedom of Constraint

by Darla Noble

For the love of Christ constrains us; because we judge thus, that one died for all, therefore all died.

2 Corinthians 5:14

The word “constrained,” means compelled or obliged.

It may also mean restricted. Humans generally don’t like to be constrained. We rebel. We push back. But if you take the time to look more closely how the word is used, I think you will discover just how freeing it can be.

Today’s verse says the love of Christ is what compels us to live with the boundaries of God’s commands. It is a love so true and so intense that it cost Jesus His life. He became a sacrifice for our sins so we wouldn’t have to die. He took our punishment for us.

Considering all that, loving Him back the way God wants us to is the very least we can do. We shouldn’t consider it a chore. An obligation…yes, but one we feel privileged to fulfill.

Besides, what is God is restricting us from? Well, let’s see: there’s drunkenness, greed, lies, stealing, sexual sins as well as other sins that lead to disease, broken hearts, depression, and insecurities, other illegal acts…. We shouldn’t be complaining or rebelling.

We should be on our knees thanking God for loving us enough to expect and demand more for us.


Holy God,
Thank You for loving me more than I deserve.
Please help me recognize the intensity of that love and live within its safe and wonderful boundaries.
You died for me, help me to live for You.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.