Daily Bible Inspirations


by Heather Tietz

It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

Ecclesiastes 7:5

A man built his home at the foot of a dam. It was a lovely location where he was near fishing, boating, and nature. One weekend a hurricane was reported several miles from his house. The man angrily drew in his boat and put away his fishing gear. A news reporter warned those living in town, “Pack up! Drive to safety!” The man was furious. His day was ruined! Soon his wife arrived home. He sniffed at her, “The news reporter says there’s a hurricane coming, and we need to leave.” The wife sighed. Her husband needed rest after a long week of work. Stress was not good for him! “Go catch another fish,” she said. “Let the weatherman keep his bothersome ideas to himself.”

Good advice is music to our ears. That is all and well if it is accurate. Doctors’ warnings, teachers’ advice, counselors’ suggestions, pastors’ words, children’s insight-sometimes we have to humble ourselves to consider what is being said to us. Compliments are the music we want to put our feet up to, sometimes they’re saving for a guilty conscience. But there are times in life that what we really need is a spoonful of medicine.

Hard words are sometimes the most loving ones to give away. And hard words may be just what you need to save your boat.