Daily Bible Inspirations

Don’t Cry!

by Pastor Ken

He came near and touched the coffin, and the bearers stood still. He said, “Young man, I tell you, arise!” He who was dead sat up, and began to speak. And he gave him to his mother.

Luke 7:14-15

In the village of Nain, a funeral procession of a widow’s young and only son sadly moves on. Jesus sees the need of the lonely mother.

He understands the depth of her agony and pain. It is the darkest moment of her life. Jesus hurries up to her. He feels the mother’s sadness and says with great compassion: “Don’t cry!”

In front of her, in a coffin, a dead young son heard Jesus saying “Young man, get up.” The cold soul obeys his Creator Jesus’ powerful words. 

 He realizes Jesus’ gift: he has his life back! When he opens his eyes, all he sees is the coffin lid.

He strikes it. The crying mother opens the lid.

The son stands up, gazing at Jesus with great gratitude. Jesus hugs him and gives the live son back to the mother.

“Mom!” the son says, “I love you!” His mother hugs him tightly for a very long time.

That compassionate all-understanding Jesus is with you today. He sees your need, knows your situation, and is ready to lead you through your darkest moments of your life. When He hears your cry of agony and pain, He says, “Don’t cry! I’m here with you.”

Let Jesus be there for you so that you can look at Him with a grateful and humble heart of thanksgiving for what He does for you.

Prayer: Jesus, heal my broken heart. Guide me through the good and bad according to your will for my life. In your name, I pray, amen.