Daily Bible Inspirations

Heavenly Metamorphosis

by Heather Tietz

Who [Jesus Christ] will change the body of our humiliation to be conformed to the body of his glory.

Philippians 3:21a

Metamorphosis. Remember that term from grade school? God has designed some of His creatures with an internal clock set to metamorphosis. Their appearance, their interests, their abilities totally change. The lowly caterpillar begins life crawling the ground and munching through plant life. Then quite miraculously, between fourteen and thirty days into his life, he spins a thread into a changing chamber where he completely transforms. Completely! Nearly every cell that formed his parts dismantles and brand new cells grow. He emerges with not only wings and compound eyes to offer him a new perspective of the world, but his craving for leaves is gone. He has a new appetite for nectar, and a new tongue with which to eat it.

We have the hope of metamorphosis too, a hope of complete change of our perspective, our desires, our appearance.

Are you God’s child? Then there will come a time when all those frustrations with yourself and with the world will be a fading memory. Eternity is much longer than life. Can you imagine a place with no thorns, no decay, no biting bugs or vicious animals? There will be no need for medicine, band-aids, hospitals or police. There will be no sickness, no sadness, no disabilities, no fear. We will be metamorphosed. Jesus will make us perfect, perfectly fit for His perfect place.