I Could Tell by the Way You Did Your Job

by Darla Noble and Joyverse

Beloved, you do a faithful work in whatever you accomplish for those who are brothers and strangers.

3 John 1:5

I confess that I have a weakness for a certain fast-food chain’s unsweetened blackberry-flavored tea. So, once or twice a week I treat myself.

Every time, without fail, the same girl takes my order and brings me my drink. She doesn’t even ask me what I want anymore. She knows. Just as I know that when she waits on me, I’m going to be greeted with the same smile, friendly conversation, and sweet disposition.

She embodies the advice Solomon gives in today’s verse. Working in food service is rarely considered a glamorous career. She probably has dreams that don’t include asking people “would you like fries with that?” But you would never know it to talk to her. She is invariably kind, courteous, and genuinely welcoming.

One day I finally asked her, “Are you a Christian?”

She looked at me with a question in her eyes and slowly said, “Yes, but why did you ask? How did you know?”

“I could just tell by the way you do your job. You give it your best. You wait on me like you were waiting on Jesus.”

“Thanks,” she said. “That’s really nice to know.”

“No, thank you,” I said. “It’s really nice to see.”


Dear Lord, Thank You for the work I have been given. May my employers and my customers find me kind, courteous, and trustworthy. Please help me to remember that I am Your ambassador here on Earth. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


How does always giving my best effort to everything I do reflect the message of the Gospel to others?