Daily Bible Inspirations


by Heather Tietz

But the path of the righteous is like the dawning light that shines more and more until the perfect day.

Proverbs 4:18

The sunrise, the dawning light, pushes back the darkness and cold, warming the world.

It makes our way visible, it grows vines, stretches boughs, coaxes flowers to bloom and ripens fruit. It nourishes us with vitamin D like no pill, no food, can.

In all different ways, Christians bring light to the world. People who love God emit goodness through their art, their words, their passions, their love. Some light up rooms. Their joy, their smile, their interest in others, their care and their helpfulness glow. They inspire those they meet to goodness. Others who may not have beaming personalities spread goodness at a distance through clever ideas and helpful creations.

We all have a light to share, a light given to us by God. Our path – our choices, professions, conversations, and attitudes – make up the pavement of our lives. Like lights in the darkness, those who love God emit encouragement, hope, peace, faithfulness, goodness, and joy.

The longer we know our Savior and the more time we spend with God, the greater our goodness grows, the more vines we grow, the more boughs we stretch, the more flowers we coax to bloom, the more fruit we help to ripen.

We are sunlight for our world.


Holy and loving God,
Please help me to shine.
Help me to use the abilities You’ve given me to glorify You in my life today.
Help me provide a path to You that others may easily follow.
In Jesus’ holy name I pray, Amen.