Daily Bible Inspirations

Good News of Christ

by Darla Noble

For I am not ashamed of the Good News of Christ, for it is the power of God for salvation for everyone who believes.

Romans 1:16

When you receive a gift or a compliment from someone, you don’t hesitate to express your gratitude or tell others about your good fortune. Why? Because your joy and excitement are overflowing. You just can’t keep it in.

That’s the way we should feel about sharing the Greatest Gift ever—the Good News of Christ. How wonderful it is to have eternal life with God through Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection! If a person knows and accepts Jesus as his/her Savior, the inexpressible blessings they will get are so valuable, they cannot compare with anything else in the world. And the person will be so grateful to you for eternity. It will be far better than giving that person all the money in the world, or any fancy car, or house.

For this reason, Jesus’ last words were to share the greatest gift—Go to everyone! Make them disciples and teach them everything Jesus taught (Matthew 28:18-20).

So, don’t keep the good news to yourself. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to tell others about Jesus. Don’t keep the gift of salvation to yourself—share it with everyone you meet. I am so happy to ask you to be the happiest person in the world by letting people know the Greatest Gift ever—Jesus: the beautiful and wonderful Savior I am so grateful for now and for eternity.

Prayer: God! Give me an extraordinary courage and wisdom to share the Good News of Christ with others. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.