Daily Bible Inspirations

The Day of Trouble

by Heather Tietz

The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knows those who take refuge in him.

Nahum 1:7

January 17 was a day of trouble for thousands. The largest earthquake ever to hit an urban area of North America rocked southern California at 4:30 in the morning. It threw residents out of bed all over the San Fernando Valley, crumbled overpasses, caused hospitals to evacuate, downed parking structures, apartment buildings and started fires, yet remarkably caused only 57 deaths. It was felt from Northridge to San Diego and east as far as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tony recalls being jolted out of bed, confused and blinded by the dark. He scrambled for a window to climb toward safety. There he stood with strangers shaking together in the cold. They grabbed for one another’s hands to pray and quaked through eager words. “God, stop the chaos.” God’s responded with an aftershock. He had a plan, His own plan. In the pandemonium, Tony had to relent and just trust.

We’ve all had our day of trouble - fires, flooding, hurricane winds, crumbling marriages, devastating disease. God has His plan though we often don’t piece it together at first.

Sometimes there is no way to stop the aftershocks, but that isn’t our responsibility. We just have to stand in faith or kneel perhaps. We can take hold of one another’s hands and seek God together.