Daily Bible Inspirations

As the Sun When It Rises

by Ami Hendrickson

“So let all your enemies perish, LORD, but let those who love him be as the sun when it rises in its strength.”

Judges 5:31

Sunrise is the dividing line that separates day from night. When the first rays of the sun brighten the eastern sky, we know that the long, cold darkness of nighttime will soon end.

When day dawns, the sun we see rising is actually an optical illusion. Because the Earth’s atmosphere refracts the sun’s image, we see the sun and experience its warmth and light while it is still below the horizon.

In the same way that the sun provides light and life, so we who love God are to provide His light to those who don’t yet know Him. If God’s love shines through us, the people who currently live in darkness can experience the dawn of a new day – one filled with grace and hope.

They can learn to love God, even when they haven’t yet seen Him face to face.


Loving Heavenly Father,
Please fill me with Your love.
Let it shine through me, bringing Your warmth and Your light to people who are living in darkness.
In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.